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Pricing + Sales can be Intimidating

...but it doesn't have to be.

I know that feeling you have when it comes to selling all. too. well.

The queasy feeling in your gut.

The awkwardness and the dread.

You're a photographer - an artist - not a freaking salesperson!

Here's the thing. So much of selling can actually be done before you even have to say a word to your potential client... so that when you do have that consultation, you can focus on serving them instead of selling to them.

What would it feel like to start making $300, $600, or even $1500 more per client?


Would you work less? Outsource more?

Take an extra vacation with your loved ones?

Finally pay off that credit card?

It happened to me... and every single person I've taught these strategies to.

In one year alone, I increased my average sale by $1,650... all while serving my clients better than ever.

It's not because I'm some sort of sales goddess.

It's because I used a system of subtle, powerful tools and strategies that allowed me to start passively selling to my clients before I even started talking to them.

Tools and strategies that you can start putting into place today to grow your revenue like we did.

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The Selling to Serving Course

selling smart + pricing profitably for photographers


What's covered?

Four weeks. 30-minute modules. Weekly Q+A. Facebook Support Group. Weekly action-based homework.

week 1

The Power of the Pricing Guide

quick, subtle, and powerful changes you can make TODAY to raise your average sale - without even raising your price

week 2

Sales Psychology + Passive Selling

kick that icky sales-y feeling for good while serving your clients better 
than ever

week 3

Selling Albums + Products

powerful strategies for selling more product + my exact album design and sale process

week 4

Pricing Profitably + Pricing Psychology

pricing yourself for profit with one easy formula, how to confidently increase your pricing, + pricing psychology

How it Worked for Them

"I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 years, and I’ve always struggled with pricing and felt stuck. I didn’t think I could get people to pay more than they already did. I made a few quick changes to my pricing and investment guide based on what Emily taught, and my average sale went up 40%! I even had my first booking that was double my average sale. I can’t recommend Emily’s course enough. I made my investment back after my next booking!"

Julianna R.
Wedding Photographer

Hey there! I'm Emily

I'm a six-figure wedding and portrait photographer living in Boston, MA, but it wasn't always that way.

My first few years in business, nothing made me feel slimier than - ick - selling. I'd avoid talking price or even mentioning the word "booking" as if it was bad luck!

I realized pretty quickly that my business wasn't going to thrive if I didn't improve my sales skills.

So I dedicated my time to learning all I could, and the tools I've learned, picked up, and made up along the way led to a massive increase in my average sale - from $3,531 to $6,115 today!

The majority of these tools and strategies are quick, easy, and totally painless to implement - so you can start making back your investment asap.

Look, I get it

Online courses are a great investment... if you ever actually finish them.

That's why I made sure the Selling to Serving Course wouldn't be just another one of those courses.

HIT THE GROUND RUNNING: before the course even begins, you'll learn one easy strategy that you can quickly implement RIGHT NOW to start making more money per booking - without even raising your prices.

GOODBYE OVERWHELM: four ~30 minute modules released weekly - short and sweet, with action steps you can implement in a matter of minutes, plus moral support from me via the Facebook community!

RESULTS ORIENTED: the entire first module is packed with quick and easy strategies to raise your average sale before you've even said a word to your potential clients - all without changing your behavior or your prices.


Don't miss out!









money back guarantee

I know these strategies will work for you. That's why I'm offering a money back guarantee.

If you do the work and you don't make your investment back within your next 3 bookings after finishing the course (5 if you do portraits only), I'll send you a full refund.

The Time is Now

You know that line from When Harry Met Sally?

"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"

This is that, but with your business - when you realize you could be easily making more money and serving your clients better without changing your behavior or even raising your prices, you want to start as soon as possible ;)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you...

- are a wedding, family, portrait, or boudoir photographer

- would love to work less and make more money per client, but raising your prices stresses you out or doesn't feel like an option

- are already busy enough and - let's be real - you don't want to wait to finish a course to get to the gold that's going to start making you more money now


...This course is SO for you!

You'll still learn some valuable tools and strategies that can be applied to any business, but this class is specifically geared toward my fellow photogs. You're welcome to join, but this might not be the right online course for you.


For the first 4 weeks, you'll get interaction with me in the Facebook group and a new module and  Q+A video dropped weekly.

After that, you'll continue to have lifetime access to the course (including updates) + the facebook group!

I feel you, my friend. 

I want you to take a minute right now to close your eyes and take a deep breath.

(well ok, maybe don't close your eyes since you still need them to read)

Imagine... taking 30 minutes to watch the first module, taking another 30 minutes to implement the super simple, wildly powerful strategies I teach you... and watching as your average sale raises enough that you now have money to outsource one or two of the things that are keeping you so busy.

Imagine making significantly more money per client - enough that you don't have to take on as much work next year. (This really happened to me! My average sale increased by over $1650 in one year after implementing these strategies!)

Can you invest 60 minutes of your time in the next week or two to save hours and hours of time in the future? Yes? Then you really do have time!

(and you'll have 3 other short-n-sweet modules to amplify what you learn in the first one!)


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